How long does oil based wood stain off gas?


How long does oil based wood stain off gas?

Asked by Marzena Johnson

We had hardwood floor installed throughout the upstairs where the bedrooms are. I wanted to use non toxic products, but after it was all done I found out that oil based stain was used. The three top coats were Bona Traffic. I am hopefull that that will stop the off gassing of the stain, but the smell is still there, not as bad as it was but I can still smell it. It has been about 3 weeks now. I have a young child and I am worried about too much toxins in his room. Any suggestion on how I can make this work without refinishing the floor?

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Use a high quality paste wax like Howard's to wax the floors. Rent a floor buffer and follow the directions on the can.

This should seal in most of the chemicals.

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