How do i stop moisture on inside of a vinyl roof ?


How do i stop moisture on inside of a vinyl roof ?

Asked by betty

I purchesde a vinyl biulding to use as a rabbit barn and in the winter moisture builds up on the inside causing big drops of water to form and they drip on the cement floor causing it to get very messy and slippery.I'm hoping there is something you can either paint or spray on the inside to prevent this from happening. If you don't know what i can do could you tell me anyone else i could contact, Thanks Betty

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That sounds like condensation. There are only two ways to stop condensation:1-dry the air by reducing the moisture OR 2-warm the condensing surface. In this case, you can't do much to dry the air. Your rabbits will always breath and need water so the air inside their hutch will always be more moist than the outside air. You don't want to ventilate with the dry outside air, because your rabbits would be very cold then. So, physics dictates that we warm the cold condensing roof surface. I suggest that you use a rigid foam insulation like either Styrofoam board insulation or a spray on closed cell foam insulation. Install the foam directly to the roof deck and seal all seams with construction tape if you use the board insulation. This way the warm and moist air inside will not find a cold enough surface to condense on and your rabbits and floor will remain dry. Think of is like putting a coozie on your ceiling.