How do I know if the tile in my home is toxic?


How do I know if the tile in my home is toxic?

Asked by Greg

My home was built in the 1940s. We have tile under our laminate flooring that I was told is toxic in older homes. The tile is green in color and about 1'x1'. What do I do and how can I test it?

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Chances are the toxicity mentioned here is asbestos.

  • If you don't disturb it then it is fine.
  • For example, installing new green flooring over the old asbestos flooring would be safe.

But if you want to remove it, you need an asbestos abatement company to do it.

The first thing you want to do is get the tiles checked by an asbestos inspector.

For more information:

You should read Rick Goyette's Ask A Pro Q&A, "Are national funds available for taking off or covering old asbestos siding? How hazardous is handling old asbestos siding?"