How do I get rid of, prevent flies?


How do I get rid of, prevent flies?

Asked by Breana

Every year when it gets hot we have to deal with flies in our home, not just one or two, alot! Our home was built in the 30's and is far from airtight. Is there anyway to get rid of the flies or better yet, prevent them from getting in my house?

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Harold Remlinger, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB's picture


Here are a few easy to check and do it yourself items which might reduce the amount of flies in your home.

  1. On the exterior of your home, caulk all locations where window and door trim meets siding.
  2. Verify that no holes or openings are present where the house meets the foundation and at the overhangs.
  3. Verify that all screens are properly fit to the window openings and that all seals at the doors are in good condition to prevent entry of bugs and other critters.
  4. Caulk around windows and doors on the inside of the home where trim meets plaster, drywall or panelling.
  5. If you are on a crawlspace, verify that any exposed ductwork is sealed at their joints and intersections.
  6. Seal around all lightfixtures, outlet and switch locations.
  7. Not sure if you have kids, but make sure they clean up after themselves and not leave any food or drink out on the counters.
  8. Move your kitchen garbage can to the exterior of the home.

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