How can I have the bedrooms in my home insulated?


How can I have the bedrooms in my home insulated?

Asked by Cathy MacDonald

I have a rancher with a full basement. The house was built in 1954 and I suspect the bedrooms have no insulation or very, very litte. The three bedrooms are at the back of the house as is the bathroom and there is a definite shift downward in temperatures -no matter how high I raise the thermostat, Can insulation be blown in and upward from the basement? Thank you.

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The best bet is to have a thermal scan done on the house as part of an energy audit.

  • This will tell you exactly where the walls are cold and therefore missing insulation.
  • This should not cost more than $300-$400 to have done.

Once you have the report, you can get a price from a contractor to drill small holes in the walls of the bedrooms where needed and blow in insulation.

In general, drilling holes at the top of the wall and blowing insulation down is better than trying to do it from below. The holes can be easily patched and repaired to match the existing finishes.

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