How can I deter mold growth in my basement laundry?


How can I deter mold growth in my basement laundry?

Asked by Shelley Godwin

My laundry room is in an old (1905 built) basement. I have a front loading washing machine and since moving here, I've been plagued with black mold growing in the soap dispensers and drawer interior. I started with keeping the drawer open in order they air dry. But still smelled the mold odor. I used the new Tide product to no avail. When I finally pulled out the entire drawer, the whole interior had a black mold coating. After cleaning it all out, I now take out the entire drawer, wipe out the dispensing drawer, hot rinse and dry the drawer and dispensing units. What will need to be done to stop this?

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Hi Shelley,

It is my understanding that detergent grows mold. Since your wash room is in the basement your humidity levels are contributing to the problem too.

Check out a product manufactured in the U.S. called LaundryPure by Vollara.

  • This technology cleans clothes without detergent.
  • We've had ours several years and are very pleased.
  • It literally pays for itself and will eliminate your problem.

Hope that helps.


Michael Church

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