How best to heat an Arizona two-story home?


How best to heat an Arizona two-story home?

Asked by Ted

We have a 2800 sq ft home with dual thermostats. I have the upstairs turned 'off' and use only the downstairs to set temp. There are 2 cooling units, 1 full size, 1 half size. I honestly don't know what the heating is as it is in the attic. The upstairs stays very comfortable with this method and a small space heater in the open bathroom when showering. Is there a reason I should be using both thermostats, up and down? I keep the temp at 62 -65, turning it no higher than 68 if it is damp. Thank you for your reply.

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If you are comfortable with this system, there is no reason to change it.

  • I would recommend that you don't turn off the upstairs thermostat, but set it at a lower temperature, say 60.
  • That way if you have a really cold night and your downstairs unit can not keep the house warm, the upstairs unit will kick in.

I am guessing that in the summer you run both units for cooling.

One thing to check is to make sure your units are not oversized.

  • Oversized units waste energy and money and don't keep you as comfortable.
  • See the article here for details.