Can you help me find an eco-friendly asphalt driveway sealer?


Can you help me find an eco-friendly asphalt driveway sealer?

Asked by Jane

I am looking for a nontoxic, eco-friendly asphalt driveway sealer. Are there other products besides AFM Safecoat out there?

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Enviroseal's LAS-320 Asphalt Sealer is a product that stands out amongst all of the other environmental asphalt sealers.

  • It was recommended to me first by someone who works for a manufacturer of environmental sealants.
  • It was developed for use on asphalt pavement at airports, parking lots, fuel storage areas and private driveways.
  • After doing a little research, I found that it is one of the three non-coal tar, fuel-resistant sealers that is recommended for airfield pavement in a study funded by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2009.

Quotingthe FAA's report:

"the material is identified as a proprietary polymeric inorganic acrylic co-polymer with two percent carbon black and is classified as a non-hazardous material by EPA. The sealer forms a molecular bond with the oxidized asphalt surface, penetrating distressed areas, such as cracks, and renders the surface impervious to water, petroleum products, and most common chemicals." (p. 7)

The manufacturer classifies it as a low-VOC sealer (less than 70g/L) that has been tested for freeze-thaw cycles typical of a cold climate. As you live in Southern California, you will appreciate that it contains UV blockers, which will extend its life in your climate.

It is easily applied with a brush, roller or spray unit and dries in minutes. It comes with a three-year, 100% product replacement warranty.

I was also able to find a Material Safety Data Sheet, done by the Environmental Network, which recommends that rubber gloves and splash goggles be worn when applying the product.

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