Can I integrate greywater into a sprinkler system to water my back lawn?


Can I integrate greywater into a sprinkler system to water my back lawn?

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I use the tub daily to take a bath -2nd floor (I seldom do shower). I can tell when I open the drain, that my drain pipe is on the wall to my backyard. I am thinking of just cutting an opening to my wall and making a splice or a T to divert the greywater from the tub to water my back lawn. I don't want to just let the water drain from the pipe though, is there a system where I can integrate the greywater into something similar to a sprinkler system. I am afraid, the water pressure is not strong enough to push the water out in an sprinkler system type. Have any thoughts????

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There are no easy cheap ways to create a greywater system - they are very complex to do properly.

  • You need a storage tank with a filtration system and typically is not cost effective for the little bit of water you will be collecting.
  • If not done properly, soapy water can become septic very quickly and when you water your lawn, you will be using very smelly water and will not want to enjoy your yard.
  • If you want to use second hand water on your lawn - look into a rainwater harvesting system.

If you want to use less water you are better off just using less:

Water leaks account for the majority of our water waste - be sure you control your leaks including your dripping faucets and running toilets.

For more information:

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