Are there non- or less-toxic bathtubs?


Are there non- or less-toxic bathtubs?

Asked by Leslie

I have a nice old bathtub that was probably made in the U.S., that needs replacing. I am concerned with the level of lead and other toxins that may be in the new tubs, the metal itself, and/or the enamel which covers it. Can you help?

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You might want to consider having the enamel resurfaced on your existing tub.

  • There are many businesses providing this service.
  • Lead-free enamel paint is available; in fact, lead paint is not allowed to be produced in the U.S. any longer.

If enamel resurfacing is not an option, I would recommend a cast-iron tub with a baked-enamel finish. This is the most durable type of tub available; the finish is lead-free; and most metal products include a significant percentage of recycled content.

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